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Meet TLC BOTv2.0

Hi, I am The Life Companion (TLC) BOT!  My designer, The NPC, likes to introduce me as a modern, analytics-driven approach to journalling and lifelogging.  Inspired by the Quantified Self and Personal Analytics movements, my mission is to help you level up in all areas of your life!

And more!

With my recent upgrade to Version 2.0, my trusty Life Core module is now backed by a powerful Insights Expansion Pack. Together, we can effortlessly collect, reflect on, and draw insights from your memories and experiences, to help you optimise and live your best life.

TLC BOTv2.0  Handbook

Level Up Your Life

Your daily dose of insights and memories
Your private and personal Timeline
Log every treasured memory
Search through your second brain
Live your best life with analytics-fuelled Insights

Your daily dose of insights and memories

Upon logging in, be greeted by the fresh insights generated since your last visit.  This can include new happiness correlations, cross-domain recommendations, habit and goal tracking updates, and hundreds of other insight categories.  TLC BOT's analytics findings can help you to optimise your happiness (or any other metric you would like to track, e.g. health, productivity, financial well-being, etc), while discovering new things you'd enjoy.

Visit the Insights page to access the full list of insights containing richer details and explanations.

Next, kickstart your day with introspection by enjoying a cherished memory from your archives.  Looking at old memories combined in interesting ways can often lead to fresh perspectives.  Is it time to reconnect with a friend or pick up an old favourite series again?  How has your life changed over the past week, month, or year?

Your private and personal

Clicking on would lead you to the heart of the Life Core base module, the quintessential Timeline.  Your private and personal Timeline houses the activities, reflections, and journal entries you have logged on TLC BOT or captured through connected platforms, interspaced with relevant insights and recommendations.

The Timeline is fully interactive and serves as an entry point for deeper dives, reminiscence and explorations.  For instance:

  • Clicking on any of the logs would allow more details that you have recorded for that specific entry to bubble out.  E.g. clicking on the 8:00am entry would reveal a map of your running route, your pace, the "4 other songs", and other details you have logged on TLC BOT or captured through connected fitness applications and gadgets.
  • Clicking on any of the golden text would surface the Insights page for the entity.  E.g. clicking on Meditated brings up the Meditation Insights page, which consolidates all meditation sessions, relevant statistics (e.g. average length of sessions), and personalised insights (e.g. you tend to be less distracted on days with 15-18 mins of meditation).

every treasured memory

Inspired by some museum exhibits?  Attended an interesting work event and met some important contacts?  Mastered a particularly difficult piano song, before visiting a new dog park with your furry friend?  Document your story — both the everyday moments and the life-changing events — by conveniently browsing through and logging hundreds of pre-defined activity types to your Timeline using TLC BOT's intuitive logging mechanics.

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker once said: "if you can't measure it, you can't improve it"! Every additional entry you log allows me to derive and deliver more comxx, multi-dimensional insights and recommendations to you, which can be used to finetune and optimise your life.

Use the search bar or arrow keys to conveniently browse through hundreds of pre-defined activity types, in categories such as Food & Beverages, Travel & Nature, Health & Wellness, Life & Relationships, metrics (e.g. mood, weight), and many more
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Choose your own adventure: Easily craft your own activity templates to track custom activities.

  • Love hang gliding? Create a hang gliding template in seconds, to house the details that you would like to remember and analyse from each hang gliding session. Use the template to easily log the details of future hang gliding sessions on the Timeline.
  • The Insights Expansion Pack allows TLC BOT to quickly pick up on your unique logging preferences for each activity type, so as to prepopulate fields and generate recommendations that can improve the speed, intuitiveness and seamlessness of your logging experience.

TLC BOT is your accessible, trusty life companion journal, wherever life's adventures take you!  Select from a wide range of carefully curated and contextualised journalling prompts and other reflection exercises to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, clarity and focus, and a greater appreciation for the little moments and small wins in life.

Rotate through a series of personalised prompts in Journalling mode or craft your own.  Use hashtags (#) to easily reference attributes and entities mentioned in previous log entries, or to create new tags for categorisation and analysis.

Handpick from thousands of intentional reflection activities and prompts:

  • Organise your thoughts by penning freeform diary and journal entries
  • Reflect critically on personalised prompts that reference your previous Timeline logs, e.g. "How was your first windsurfing experience?"
  • Safekeep happy memories through gratitude journalling
  • Perform negative visualisation exercises to develop a greater appreciation for everything in your life
  • Identify your top priorities and focuses for the day
  • Log your favourite quotes, poems, and other sources of inspiration
  • Note down every interesting idea you dream up at the speed of thought and perform regular brain dumps before sifting through for gems
  • Respond to prompts from The Five Minute Journal, e.g. amazing things that happened today, daily affirmations, and more
  • Partake in 3 pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness writing daily as part of your Morning Pages routine

Already logging your activities through fitness gadgets, mobile applications, social media networks, spreadsheets, websites, and other platforms?  Connect them to your TLC BOT account to enjoy fully integrated and seamless activity tracking.  Alternatively, export your historical data and send them to [email protected] to take advantage of TLC BOT's advanced auto-logging capability.

Aside from being able to view all of your activities on TLC BOT, connecting to multiple platforms enables cross-domain insights to be derived, e.g. highlighting the Spotify workout songs that led to your best Fitbit workouts.

through your second brain

Meeting a friend later today?  Use TLC BOT's powerful search engine to pull up the corresponding Insight page, which consolidates all logs and reflections related to your friend.  Revisit your last few meet-ups, conversations, and activities together, and let TLC BOT remind you of any other relevant details.

Every activity type (e.g. all museum visits), activity (e.g. a specific museum visit), and entity (e.g. a specific museum) logged on the Timeline generates an Insight page, containing all relevant entries, reflections, details, and analytical insights. Find out more in the Insights section!

Scroll down the Timeline to view the future plans on your schedule.  Pull down the Search bar to jump to a specific date on your Timeline, or to access the Insight page for any logged activity type, activity, or entity.

Your personal wiki: Each Insight page houses a full-fledged wiki with fully extensible and customisable fields.  Use it to keep track of details and attributes that do not change across log entries, such as a friend's birthday (on the friend's Insight page), your favourite coffee recipes (on the Coffee Insight page), your go-to meditation technique (on the Meditation Insight page), and many more.

Click on the beside the charts to customise the visualisations shown, per Insight page.

Ctrl + F for your brain: What was the name of the restaurant where you had that scrumptious lobster?  When did you last captured a beautiful sunset, mopped the floor, or reflected on a poem about cats?  TLC BOT is the intelligent life search engine that you have always dreamed of!  Simply enter a keyword, a combination of keywords, or even a natural language query (e.g. "photos of trips with family before 2021") to surface all relevant and related logs from your Timeline.

The intelligent search algorithm surfaces logs containing words similar to your search term, to improve the comprehensiveness of results, e.g. searching for 'beautiful' would also surface logs containing 'beauty', 'gorgeous', etc

Live your best life with analytics-fuelled

The Main Insights page provides an overview of the most interesting analytics findings and recommendations across all the activities and reflections you have logged, including:
  • Activity and logging trends, across Relationships, Health, and your other main life domains
  • Achievements that you have unlocked from TLC BOT's stash of key milestones, to help fuel your personal analytics journey
  • Multi-dimensional and actionable insights, e.g. recommendations for a book you might enjoy, based on your reflections, as well as books, movies, games, music, etc that you have rated highly
  • Data-driven personalised tips on how to improve a metric that is important to you, e.g. what activities or combination of activities contribute towards happier days, better sleep, or stronger relationships for you?  Is it better to sleep for an extra 30 minutes or wake up earlier to exercise?
  • And many more!

Quantum leaps arise from consistent incremental improvements: thoughtfully tracking and improving your life allows you to look back years later and marvel at how far you've come! Click on any of the domains or activity types to view the individual Insight pages.

The Domain Insights page allows you to map out the key areas of your life that matter the most to you, by grouping activity types under the domains that they contribute towards, e.g. the Health domain could include logs of your runs, gym sessions, food consumed, etc.  TLC BOT provides a powerful framework and engine for you to meticulously design and review your domain-centric goals, and to receive personalised data-driven recommendations and insights to help you accomplish these goals.

Finally, the Activity Insights page provides you with an overview of all the activities logged under a specific activity type, including:
  • Logging trends, e.g. number of daily logs, times of the day when you tend to log the activity, etc
  • Ranking across multiple dimensions, e.g. top roasteries based on your ratings of coffee brewed
  • Insights and recommendations, e.g. what combination of origin, preparation technique, and flavour profile do you particularly love?  What are some other coffee that you may enjoy?
  • List of all relevant logs, reflections, and tags on the timeline
  • A fully customisable wiki section for you to track your To Try list and any other details
  • And many more!

Fully customise each activity type's Insight page separately to your heart's content, to show the key metrics and visualisations that are most important and relevant for the activity type!

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